The Webkickstart Strategy Guide

This strategy guide covers everything you will need to create a email marketing list that can generate traffic on demand to your online offers and get started making commissions online. Following this strategy you will have the tools you need to create a stream of passive income that you can grow. The strategy is based on using a combination of platforms including email marketing, commission sales, and digital goods. The combination of these elements is the key to successfully making money online. The great thing about this system is there is no product to worry about so there is no shipping or loss. There is no storage of products and no overhead at all.

Here Are the Tools you will need to get started

Auto Responder: Constant Contact

Web Server: Host Gator

Solo Ad Traffic: UDIMI

Once you sign up for the tools here you need you are setup to manage this system and start testing your marketing. You will need some basic web pages, which is why you need a web hosting service. The web pages that are a way to capture email addresses to add to your email list.

Build your platform

To host your platform on the internet you will need a hosting services such as Host Gator. This service allows you to host your domain name (ex., host email addresses such as, host multiple web pages, and insta"?"sourced at Upwork or fiverr.

The Capture Page

The platform begins with a couple of web pages. A capture page (your homepage) that does nothing other then capture email addresses of people we invite to the website (with advertising). Make sure to have google analytics installed on your capture page and your offer/thank you page to track how many people viewed your homepage and how many people signed up for your offer.

Notice On our homepage the only option is to capture email addresses from the traffic? This is not accidental. This website is under continual tests and allows me to test my advertisements.

The Offer

You will need an Offer page or a Lead Magnet. This can be accomplished two ways. You can create a website that delivers a ebook, a video, or any other digital product you can provide to visitors for free as a gift and incentive to join your list. The better your gift the more likely your visitors are going to be interested in the products and services you send them as offers. This guide is my free offer to you which breaks down a simple way for to reproduce a way to create passive income with a small amount of effort and the determination to give this a try.

The other way you can deliver your digital download is directly through your autoresponder. Once you capture an email of a website visitor you can send them a "thank you" email as an auto responder series. In this thank you email you can send a pdf, hosted digial video link, or other free give away. This provides the benefit of limiting your website complications and is less to keep track of and keeps more of the function and tracking in the hands of your auto responder which can be a good thing depending on what you are giving away.

Here is the offer we promised and notice how in the picture the red circle is

The Auto Responder

The final piece of the platform is the auto responder. In order to communicate with your list you will need a way to send and manage large amount of emails. Today there are many options of auto responder web platforms we recommend Constant Contact. After you have your autoresponder programmed to send the free download you are good to go.

Getting Started is simple just fill out the form and start setting up your pages both your homepage and your offer pages

Starting the Motor

The platform you just built should include:

1) A Capture Page
2) A Free Give Away either presented by your autoresponder or a webpage/website
3) Your autoresponder programmed with a thank you message and your first paid offer to your list.

Once these are in place you are ready to place your first ad! there are many ways to advertise your business but because we are just starting out in this the best advertisement for this type of business is solo ads because the people are more likely to sign up to your marketing list. So we need to hit the solo ad marketplace UDIMI. What you need to look for when you purchase traffic from a marketplace like udimi is the place the traffic is coming from. When you set this traffic system up know that the traffic is going to be looking for business and marketing type information so make sure to keep your offers relevant to the marketplace. Start with a small investment of $200 (your choice of how much but that is how much I started to get my feet wet with) and buy some ads and send them to your homepage. Soon after your ads hit you will see people flooding to your website and if your system is working correctly You will have your first marketing list that is interested in marketing products that you can find and sell them for instant money.

Click above to get start your traffic and build your list! You can start small with as little as $20 dollars but the ideal start budget is $500 spent slowly and correctly to tune your platform and "money machine". Once everything is working we then invest the profits and scale when everything works correctly.

Testing the Traffic

Here is where the fun begins. As you learn to purchase traffic you can test aspects such as swipe copy which is the email that is initially sent to attract visitors to your platform. You can setup many different test senarios and test similar ideas to find the ideas that make the most of your traffic investment.

As you start your testing, start very small with $20 dollars and buy a small amount of traffic and make sure that your traffic is being tracked and you can monitor your system. After that buy the rest of your traffic from different vendors with traffic in Tier 1 zones. Check your inbox from us and we will provide more guides tips and successful strategies to add to your business. There are platforms that can help you run several tests at the same time and independantly test individual campaigns because this is a beginers guide that adds an unneeded level of complication. Check future emails for a complete strategy guide on campaign management.

The next result you should look for at this point is how many sales or signups to your inital offer. If everything is setup and primed you can look at your success in dollars returned from your initial investment. So if you invest $1000 dollars in advertisement you should be able to review your results from the number of people your list increased and how many initial dollars you return from your investment. Then when you have investment test results and they are positive returns it's time to scale your tests to make sure they are consistant. If you are getting positive results at $20 and $50 dollar ads move the ads to $100-$200 per test and review the results to make sure everything is scaling correctly and predictably. When your positive things are working and your returns are consistant its time to move the bar up!

Scale for Success!

Now that you are sure that your platform works correctly, your intial copy attracts and retains visitors, your give away is something that people want your website is marketed correctly. You have tested your traffic sources and consistant results are positive its time to take your business to the next level. Spend more money on advertising and build a consistant growth pattern for your business. The next section of this process is more of a money management system then a web strategy. It includes the reinvestment plan that will keep your cash flowing in and limit the risk on your advertisement spending and keeping every dollar working to grow your list and sell your products, services and affilate offers.

Keep checking your email for updates to this guide and additional strategies, produts to promote, test results and other marketing related content. Please ask your friends to visit dowload and test out this guide and support emails! Good luck and have fun friends.